Troll Hat

What is it about making hats? It satisfies my soul 💚

This one is for wee baby Parker! We can’t wait to meet you September this year 😍

Little Hats

In a world full of big things, I’m fascinated with small, tiny things. The twist is making tiny premie hats from chunky wool. It gives the hat another layer of cuteness 💚

I’ve been dreaming some very scary and vivid nightmares lately. So making adorable baby hats makes me calm and happy. It’s better than seeing an angry, snarling tiger emerging from a red colored ocean with dragons on its’ back….slowly stalking me, staring at me with his black eyes like I’m a helpless Zebra stuck in the mud…and he hasn’t eaten in months! 😱 Oh stars, and that’s one of the better dreams I’ve had. I’ll just be sleeping with the lights on for a while….😉🌹💚 Love and light 🌟🌟🌟

True Love

That’s all I need to say…🌟

Once a knitter, a crocheter and whatever else you choose to be, always one!

Louis asked me to make him a cosy blankie. How could I refuse? Big brown eyes looking at me, tiny arms wrapped around my waist hugging me tight and in his warmest and cutest voice “mumma” please make a warm blankie for me”? Loulou bear 🐻 my heart beat, yes!

All was going well until I asked him what yarn he preferred. He chose a thin Egyptian cotton on 4mm hook. Ok, not a problem…until I asked him to choose a pattern, and, well….you can see below! Ok, so that’s going to take up a bit of yarn. Not too much trouble I guess…until I doubled the size to make a bigger blanket….clearly miscalculated the actual dimensions. OK, shit!!

I casually asked Louis if he preferred another pattern and he saw what I did and exclaimed he really loved it and didn’t want anything else. Oh!! And could I make it bigger? Ahhhhh!!!! I’m a sucker. A huge, and I mean gargantuan MF sucker for big, beautiful sad eyes 😂

…..this is going to take a while….💗



Have I been sleeping, distracted or immersed in an alternate dimension?

How does one simply forget that she has a blog?

Printmaking entered my life like a storm and I’ve been wandering for 3 years in it, not lost but submerged in its depths. I started my own business as well, finally. It’s in the infancy stages, but I’m turning that dial up in the new year and it will take me on new adventures. Africa has made my hit list of destinations, wow! I never saw that one coming. Never once in my 40 years on this planet did I think of going there!  I guess that’s what happens when one completely aligns with her true purpose of walking this earth. Am I in the flow? I believe I am. I’m not sure where the current is taking me, but I’m riding it. Fingers crossed, engines fired up and eye on the target! What is it exactly? Just being me, myself and I in all my glorious hot mess and hell fire!! My own sovereignty with no master but ME!! As a wise woman once said, “Repeat after me, umm, ah, hold on… I don’t have to repeat after anyone”, I do as I like and as I please, and that satisfies me! Look out life, I’m coming for you like the world’s on fire 🔥 I live in gratitude! Life is a blessing, so go live it….as you please 💖

Life is just about the best drug available! 

It’s been too long. Returning is like a warm hug when you’ve been lost in the cold. 

Life, thank you. I’m not worthy but I’ll sure as hell give it all. 💗


Be the bull. I have my eye on the red flag and I’m going for it!  



I’m a Newfoundlander born and bred and I’ll be one till I die. I’m proud to be an islander and here’s the reason why, I’m free as the wind and the waves that wash the sand, there’s no place that I’d rather be than here in Newfoundland… (The Islander, by Bruce Moss)

Yes, I’m a little homesick today. We are slowly taking out the Christmas decorations for our annual party and I came across this lighthouse I bought last year to remind me where I come from.  

I do my best to just let go and embrace the place I live in as my home, but there are some days I just need to hang on to my home of childhood. Today’s that day ☺️

Slow going

Lately it’s been slow going with my knitting and crochet. Due to back and neck issues I’ve been told it’s best to stop, for now. 

Well I just don’t want to stop! So I’m going slow and steady. That’s a tall order for this whirling dervish. Alas, I’ve no other choice because 15 minutes into my groove, my ears begin to get congested and my neck hurts and so on and so on. 

So, I’m working on slowing down and smelling the roses, or wool! Teehee! I’m exploring the art of not “efforting” and just enjoying the scenery as life dashes by. Now that’s not to say I’m not busy, I’m just not killing myself to do it all….in a day! Ha!

 Here are a few projects I’m completing, eventually! It would be nice if they were ready for Christmas, but there’s no guarantee! 
There’s’ a hat, scarf, blanket (squares), coasters, placemats, and mug cosy, and they’re only a quarter of the projects I have on the go. These are ones I’ve decided to finish! Maybe by next Christmas? ☺️

Going slow is really tough. And what really bloggles my mind is that even at my slower pace, I still have no time. I mean….I suck at blogging…..especially for the every day in November challenge! I just suck at finding the time every day. So, challenge-fail! 😝, but I still “effort” a little! 

Kick it!!

Just jump!!

Be fearless!!!

img_7133Kick your barriers down….with grace if you must! 💗