Troll Hat

What is it about making hats? It satisfies my soul 💚

This one is for wee baby Parker! We can’t wait to meet you September this year 😍

Life is just about the best drug available! 

It’s been too long. Returning is like a warm hug when you’ve been lost in the cold. 

Life, thank you. I’m not worthy but I’ll sure as hell give it all. 💗

A mixed watercolor and ink 

Early this fall we went to Dunsborough, Margaret River and I was inspired by the many lovely boats anchored in the bay. The warm breezes and the glow of the “end of summer” was amazing! 

This was my first attempt at a mix of watercolor pigments, pencils and ink. I used white ink to help with highlights in the water. I felt very passionate about capturing the serenity and glow of life that surrounded me. In the end, I’m fairly pleased, but I learned most importantly!!

I love looking back at my paintings because they remind me of what a beautiful life I live. It’s not perfect by any means, but I’m thankful (at the end of the day) for all of it!



Merriest Christmas

Although I’m missing my family tremendously, I’m feeling humbly grateful for the insight about the meaning of this Christmas madness through the separation.

Dearest friends and family, in my world and blogging world, this Christmas remember each moment now, soak it up, for tomorrow it’ll be just another memory. Feel the joy and love around you and let it be part of you. We are blessed. Truly.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night, at least here in OZ.