True Love

That’s all I need to say…🌟

Once a knitter, a crocheter and whatever else you choose to be, always one!

Louis asked me to make him a cosy blankie. How could I refuse? Big brown eyes looking at me, tiny arms wrapped around my waist hugging me tight and in his warmest and cutest voice “mumma” please make a warm blankie for me”? Loulou bear 🐻 my heart beat, yes!

All was going well until I asked him what yarn he preferred. He chose a thin Egyptian cotton on 4mm hook. Ok, not a problem…until I asked him to choose a pattern, and, well….you can see below! Ok, so that’s going to take up a bit of yarn. Not too much trouble I guess…until I doubled the size to make a bigger blanket….clearly miscalculated the actual dimensions. OK, shit!!

I casually asked Louis if he preferred another pattern and he saw what I did and exclaimed he really loved it and didn’t want anything else. Oh!! And could I make it bigger? Ahhhhh!!!! I’m a sucker. A huge, and I mean gargantuan MF sucker for big, beautiful sad eyes 😂

…..this is going to take a while….💗