Troll Hat

What is it about making hats? It satisfies my soul 💚

This one is for wee baby Parker! We can’t wait to meet you September this year 😍

Life is just about the best drug available! 

It’s been too long. Returning is like a warm hug when you’ve been lost in the cold. 

Life, thank you. I’m not worthy but I’ll sure as hell give it all. 💗


I begin everyday, as I always have, listing in my mind all that I wish to accomplish that day.

And, as always, I’m lucky to strike off one of the many items on my mental agenda and I feel frustrated and disappointed in myself.

Ah! But tomorrow is another day to tackle that list of accomplishments!

But……perhaps there are some days that it’s better to not accomplish anything on my list because I wouldn’t often experience nature’s amazing shows! Like the sunset pictured below. I was speechless and rightly humbled. And that’s no small thing!

I prefer cold weather and rough cliffs over sandy beaches (this one is City Beach in Perth, Western Australia) and flat landscapes, but a sunset like this is quite special, especially when sharing it with my partner and two children. The littlest one hasn’t ever seen the sky and ocean lit up like an inferno! “Fire mommy!!”

Why don’t I put this on my list more often?

What is accomplishment?