Get cosy with Betty’s knits!

Betty Cole is keeping Newfoundland people warm in her beautiful and fun knits.

In Newfoundland we have 3 finger “Trigger Mitts” in traditional colors of brown and white and a fair isle pattern across the back of the hand and the front of the palm. Often they are made in non-traditional colors/patterns and are wildly popular and so functional. The three fingers stay together and warm while the tigger fingers are separate and free to do whatever you want…like pull a trigger? Haha!

I haven’t tried making 3 finger mitts yet, but I will definitely try it when I’m on the Island this summer. Betty has done a lovely job making these trigger mitts and the colors are vibrant and fun! And she sells them!!


And of course with your trigger mitts you need a Tam ‘O Shanter – isn’t that what Benjamin Bunny called it? – in matching colors or mixed colors! I just love a good looking Tam, or Beret if you prefer.

And if these don’t suit your fancy a beanie and regular mittens is always the perfect choice!

That’s what I love about making things. The ideas and combinations, colors, styles, etc…are endless.

I certainly hope that Betty has great success selling her gorgeous knitwear, especially because they are fun and such excellent quality. I do my best to outfit my whole family, especially the little one, in homemade wool or cotton knits, they are natural fibers and just so gorgeous!

I’ve been distant lately, I know, but it’s due to daycare woes; my toddler just started and is sick every other week. So, obviously I’m shattered!! BUT, I’m working on the next chapter or posting of “My Watercolor Life”, so hang in there with me!

Moses’ Blanket: Sue Reynolds


It’s all in the apostrophe! Not a “Moses blanket”, it’s Moses’ blanket! Well, some will argue it’s Moses’s blanket, but I don’t care because I’m making a joke about the difference an apostrophe can make! And just so you know….”Moses” is a dog. A fellow Knitter, Sue Reynolds created a beautiful blanket and her lovely dog Moses loves it too!

Sue and I became fast friends through a mutual love of knitting and all things related to reading development in children (but that’s another long tale). Sue is unaware of how talented she is and how gorgeous her blankets really are! I haven’t seen one blanket that I haven’t liked! Mucho! I love them all and have secretly wanted one forever. So would you believe that I got one this year for my birthday!! I hope Sue starts an online business soon, especially now that her 6 children are grown! Yep!!! That’s 6 children and she still has time to knit, sew and crochet, and look fabulous. Okay, I’m going to lay it down here and now!!!! There comes a time that one must simply answer the call of one’s heart, and making beautiful blankets is definitely one of Sue’s heart’s true callings!

Not surprisingly, our families are always entwined these days as a result of our shared obsession of knitting, crocheting, sewing, child education and of course by my son’s love of D-Dogs! Although Louis pretends to be nervous around Moses, as he’s a big dog that loves to lavish his attention on Louis, louis simply adores him!! Louis saw the above photo of Moses and immediately was obsessed with it. We had to look at it and talk at length about Moses right there and then. What is it about boys and dogs??

So, keep an eye out for Sue Reynolds, and if you’re lucky, one of her blankets could be yours someday! Someday soon I hope!!!