Troll Hat

What is it about making hats? It satisfies my soul 💚

This one is for wee baby Parker! We can’t wait to meet you September this year 😍

Little Hats

In a world full of big things, I’m fascinated with small, tiny things. The twist is making tiny premie hats from chunky wool. It gives the hat another layer of cuteness 💚

I’ve been dreaming some very scary and vivid nightmares lately. So making adorable baby hats makes me calm and happy. It’s better than seeing an angry, snarling tiger emerging from a red colored ocean with dragons on its’ back….slowly stalking me, staring at me with his black eyes like I’m a helpless Zebra stuck in the mud…and he hasn’t eaten in months! 😱 Oh stars, and that’s one of the better dreams I’ve had. I’ll just be sleeping with the lights on for a while….😉🌹💚 Love and light 🌟🌟🌟