Vintage Baby

Holy Moly! I’ve been off the grid! I’m a bad blogger. So I thought I’d inspire you with a finished vintage baby bonnet, mitts and booties (pattern from Molly Makes)! I’m busier than a mouse at night; good thing I love it cause it’d start to feel like work!

A lucky little baby girl is on her way and she’ll be the belle of the park in this!!

I put this crocheted set with Bunny Face and my Baby-to-Be gift is all set to travel. Besides that the only other thing I could do to welcome this wee one is to pack myself in a box and post me! This is my expression of Love for this new life on the way! Safe travels Bunny Face and to you to little Girl!! Xoxo Auntie-cousin Rhonda

Oh Baby! Betty Cole has it all knitted up!

I’ve been having many technical difficulties for some reason I can’t figure out. This post got demoted to draft status after it had been published! Not sure how that happened, but here it is again. XR20140402-081604.jpg

Betty’s amazing talent shines with this beautiful Christening ensemble! She knitted christening outfits and a blanket for each of her eldest grandchildren. She has 6 children (not 8! Oops) and I’m beat after knitting one sweater!

I was very fortunate too! Betty knitted a christening outfit for my oldest son. I still have it hung in my closet. We have a moth issue and I’m afraid to store it in a box. I’ve treasured it!!



Here is a close up of the gown, and I just love the pink ribbon attached. I think Betty needs to visit me and teach me how to make a christening outfit. She continues to inspire me and I hope I am able to take on the christening challenge someday. Thank you Betty and keep ’em coming to inspire all!


Testing testing…..


Ok all you eco-friendly friends out there, here is a quilt the creative Betty Cole made from all her knitting test pieces. What an excellent idea for all those test squares, and the nearly squares! Haha

She sewed them on 2 flour bags that her sister Mary got for her when she worked at Purity Factories – a Newfoundland food processing factory established in 1924. Betty bleached and dyed the bags (photo below) and then she trimmed the blanket with material left over from a skirt she made for her daughter Karen when she was in high school. I hope Karen isn’t offended, but that wasn’t yesterday! Admittedly, it was ages ago for me too.

Betty’s husband, Roy, always said it was a healing blanket. I can see that because with a quilt like that wrapped around you, how can you NOT feel loved and cared for?? And that’s the best kind of medicine to heal anyone! Regardless of what you believe, it’s an excellent way to use those test pieces that usually end up in the bin. I’m going to start mine ASAP!! Ok, in all honesty, I need to finish about 10 other projects first, but it’s on my list of things I want to do because I love it!


Bunny Face

She’s a long way from her first appearance as a sole leg!! Bunny is finally finished and she’s ready to go to her new home overseas.

She’s a little nervous, but I reassured her that the baby girl she’s going to stay with will give her lots of cuddles and kisses. I know she’s going to a good home and I hope that she’ll give all my love – that I’ll miss giving – to the newest wee member of our family arriving soon! She looks un petit Francais? Non? Ha!

If anyone would like the pattern, it’s in Filati issue 54, but the dress is mine and I’m not sure I remember it, but I’d give it a go!

Leslie Britten

Everything I know about knitting and crocheting (and sewing) is because of Leslie! She works at my local haberdashery shop and if I need direction, Leslie promptly and sharply gets me on track. Our banter is the best part of my knitting experience! If it wasn’t for her, I would have stopped knitting and there’s no chance would I have dared the crochet!

Let’s put it in perspective ….

Cables, a walk in the park! I’m pretty sure this work flew off her needles! Leslie is so talented and doesn’t realize it. Without a doubt she knows that she knows her stuff very, very, very well, yet I believe she could also be a designer, a writer or a professor of the handmade arts!!

Just yesterday I took a tiny snippet of material (soon to be a dress) to match with some thread and I asked Leslie if it was 100% cotton or if there might be some stretch fabric in it and she not only knew it was all cotton, but she knew the brand!

I never knew going to my wool shop would be so entertaining! It’s now my favorite place to visit. Leslie is from Tasmania and can I just say that I have yet to meet a Tassie I didn’t like. They have a spirit that I not only love, but find tremendously hilarious! The humor is quirky and ridiculously funny and I love it!!

I hope she eventually agrees to write a book with me or at least would be the editor!

“Aran…Aran so far away…Aran all night and day”….a flock of seagulls is not the only thing to admire, especially if you walk along the beach in this beauty! An Aran “jumper” knitted by Leslie!! I think she’s ready to part with it, so email me if you might be interested.

All I can say is that I hope all you artists, knitters and hand makers out there have as wonderful a teacher and crafting-friend as I do! How’d I’d get so lucky?? I always find the right people when I really need them! Well, most of the time, ha!


Talented Betty Cole

Wow! This is the creme de la creme in knitting, and the kind of piece that wins competitions! It’s when I see work as pictured above that I know I still have so much to learn.

The artist, Betty Cole has always been very creative and makes the most beautiful knitted and crocheted pieces. She’s been developing her skills for as long as I’ve known her. Let’s just say it’s been 30+ years! I’m looking forward to learning more classic or traditional knit and crochet techniques when I see Betty in July…if she has the patience! Honestly, I’ve tried fair isle knitting and was somewhat successful, but it wasn’t as exquisite as Betty’s work, and what I really mean is no where even close.

I’ll leave with another photo of a beautiful knitted cardigan by Betty! I can only imagine the amount of time it took her to make it, but that’s from my perspective, Betty is so talented it probably took no time at all!


Thank you for sharing your work with me Betty and I hope to be as gifted as you are with my needles one day! I look forward to posting more of your work!!! Thanks!

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Let’s get creative!!

Ok, so I’m hoping all you creative ladies in my world are interested in sharing your stories of your creative endeavors and traveling/living abroad!! Or both!! Send me your photos and stories via email and I’ll make a post to showcase them.

I’ll begin:

This is a nearly completed crocheted Bonnet for a new-born. It has a vintage look and it’s seamless and worked using a V stitch and a 3-puff stitch beginning with a single double-sided seam at the back. You work it back and forth along the double-sided back seam (not sewed, but made from going back along the first row you make) to create the back first and then the sides and top. I used a hot pink on the front edge (last row) to make it pop! I’ll re-post the completed photo later tonight when I have the ties done.

Now it’s your turn!! GO!

I eagerly await your emails!! XR




At the end of the day it’s the simple things that keep you going….
Just never mind that initial spelling oversight! Gawd! Haha

Unusually usual


A life a little unusual.
My life actually.
I wish I could say my childhood was more than ordinary, but it was just that. Was I ordinary? Absolutely not! I’ll never be just that. It is possible to say that it wasn’t a Beaver Clever series; it wasn’t boring or entirely predictable, ok, so that’s alright too.
The details aren’t important, it is the past after all and it doesn’t exist anymore.
 That delights me sometimes…
 What evolves from your past, YOU , is the important thing
about your past.

photo (19)

Daydreamer Extrordinaire!

I see everything around me and I invent that which I don’t. It’s a curse and a blessing and whether I liked it or not, life shoved me in the mirror and said “now you’ll see yourself, so open your eyes”.  Love, the catalyst for creation, the explosive creative sparks, with a Capital L (It’s a proper noun in my world) pushed me.
I’m a dreamer and an artist, but not for one second do I believe another person makes you be anything. There is no muse, but that’s another story. I arrived at that mirror kicking and screaming.
Lesson? I AM someone, I WAS going to be thrown out into the world – a nomad with no home.  My roots would grow sideways, not down.  
The clock is ticking. Time to go. Time to be…

Houston 1997

Let’s see….June, July, August…engaged, elegant wedding, moved Country, what the hell happened to my life?…CHECK. CHECK. CHECK and CHECK.

To be truthful, it was insane, but the excitement of not having a clue what I was doing or what would become of me was thrilling. I was so overwhelmed with joy that I vomited for a week in Houston. Overwhelming Joy/sustained terror; not much difference according to my body. Both produce the same reflex, stomach purge.
 Chris would leave every morning for work and I’d heave my breakfast up. AH!! The start of a blissful life together forever paired with the smell of half digested bacon and eggs and whatever else hung around from the night before. Now what do I do with myself? 
 First month down. WOOP. All the pleasantries were done and I met some lovely people, and dreadful ones (there’s no other word to describe these poor souls, sorry), but with no work visa where did I belong if it wasn’t at work? The mirror spoke when I glanced in it; “find yourself”. Not wanting to give in to that bully, I got in the car and drove to every museum I could find. No small feat as I had no idea where I was at any point beyond 50m past our complex’s gates. 
Duty calls as a momma, and I must end my story here.
Let me tell you this: Fear became my friend during my early years travelling, and probably still is now. I didn’t know that my life would never be that which I grew up with, or that which anyone in my small (and I mean small like amigurumi at it’s best), close circle of family and friends would know how to relate to, except for a couple of insane ones like me. Fear is the only friend that never betrays me. I like it in a strange way because I know I’m still alive and KICKING! :)) It’s the kick inside!
 I’ll leave you with this photo of the first cardigan I ever knitted and beanie, the latter was what I thought to be an original by me, sadly I found a pattern for this very design a year later! It even had the same title I gave it – the accordion hat! LOL Got to laugh!! We may think we are original, but…..

Unusually usual – “coming soon”

Handmade gifts! With love….