Merriest Christmas

Although I’m missing my family tremendously, I’m feeling humbly grateful for the insight about the meaning of this Christmas madness through the separation.

Dearest friends and family, in my world and blogging world, this Christmas remember each moment now, soak it up, for tomorrow it’ll be just another memory. Feel the joy and love around you and let it be part of you. We are blessed. Truly.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night, at least here in OZ.




About rhondabreen

I change daily and I find it difficult to tell you about me. I'm a mom and a woman, that doesn't change. I'm an artist, I hope that doesn't change, I'm a wife and so far that hasn't changed either, and I'm a scientist and that's forever because I'm too curious to be anything else. But you know, all this information still doesn't help me know much about me, and so it doesn't likely help you know much about me. I guess it's best to read my blog and maybe we'll figure it out together!! Have a peek.......

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