Be a kid again with pastels!

On and off I feel like experimenting with pastels! It hits me when I I’m feeling “airy”, like walking on clouds, and I want to be a kid again! I grab some paper, I’m into colored paper lately, and my new box of 50+ Rembrandt pastels and just let my imagination take over. I was inspired for this one by a vase:


What I really like about pastels, I’m learning, is that mistakes become the highlights and that to truly get into the joy of it, you must get dirty!!! So let your mind loose and grab some pretty chalk or if you’re lucky some lovely pastels and paper. Inspiration is all around us; a flower, a chair, a face, a glass, or even a ball of wool!!!

Ta-ta for now and here’s another pastel drawing I did by finding inspiration from some flowers I bought. I still have much to learn about how to use pastels to create various different effects, but half the fun of learning is making mistakes and just going for it!

Hope you enjoy!



About rhondabreen

I change daily and I find it difficult to tell you about me. I'm a mom and a woman, that doesn't change. I'm an artist, I hope that doesn't change, I'm a wife and so far that hasn't changed either, and I'm a scientist and that's forever because I'm too curious to be anything else. But you know, all this information still doesn't help me know much about me, and so it doesn't likely help you know much about me. I guess it's best to read my blog and maybe we'll figure it out together!! Have a peek.......

One response to “Be a kid again with pastels!

  1. Lesley

    I love your art work…do more!! šŸ™‚

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