Bunny Face

She’s a long way from her first appearance as a sole leg!! Bunny is finally finished and she’s ready to go to her new home overseas.

She’s a little nervous, but I reassured her that the baby girl she’s going to stay with will give her lots of cuddles and kisses. I know she’s going to a good home and I hope that she’ll give all my love – that I’ll miss giving – to the newest wee member of our family arriving soon! She looks un petit Francais? Non? Ha!

If anyone would like the pattern, it’s in Filati issue 54, but the dress is mine and I’m not sure I remember it, but I’d give it a go!


About rhondabreen

I change daily and I find it difficult to tell you about me. I'm a mom and a woman, that doesn't change. I'm an artist, I hope that doesn't change, I'm a wife and so far that hasn't changed either, and I'm a scientist and that's forever because I'm too curious to be anything else. But you know, all this information still doesn't help me know much about me, and so it doesn't likely help you know much about me. I guess it's best to read my blog and maybe we'll figure it out together!! Have a peek.......

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