Get a leg up!

ImageSo this is my latest project. It will be for a new baby in the family. It’s the leg of a bunny. Clearly it’s a girl! I need a chunky yarn, but didn’t have the funds or the desire to go to the shop, again. So I used my lovely cotton blend yarn and doubled up! 

However!! This isn’t a post all about the joy of bunny knitting, although it is therapeutic to feel the cotton glide across my hands and go around and around and watch it grow.  I reflected on the leg I made and like everything else in my life, I was bombarded with visions of the past, present and future and how strenuously my legs have supported me and carried me on my adventures. I live a non-ordinary life. It’s not apparent to anyone what kind of life I live, but it’s here I’ll write, and blend my life’s unusual story with my love of art and creativity. 

Reality Hit: got to return to work. Please stay tuned and I’ll tell you my tale….


About rhondabreen

I change daily and I find it difficult to tell you about me. I'm a mom and a woman, that doesn't change. I'm an artist, I hope that doesn't change, I'm a wife and so far that hasn't changed either, and I'm a scientist and that's forever because I'm too curious to be anything else. But you know, all this information still doesn't help me know much about me, and so it doesn't likely help you know much about me. I guess it's best to read my blog and maybe we'll figure it out together!! Have a peek.......

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