Do what you love

I decided it was time to write about what I love to do and who I am. It’s what will make me happy and it’s a burning desire to tell a story. I love to write, paint, draw, knit and crochet. I dream of running a center where I can display my work and write my stories. My greatest fear is that I will fail. In my life now it’s difficult to find the time to do it the way I would like to, but I want to try. I will write my story “My Watercolor Life” and a children’s story “The Inventor Mice”. I will write them here and display my creations too. Perhaps someday my dreams will be my reality. However, right now I’m up to my eyes in toddler life and teenage angst. That’s a whole other story that I may write about too. I’ll do my best to make this my dream site where I express my love of art and literature. I’ve been known as Arby and I’ve signed art as RMB. I’ll use Arby as my pen name and RMB as my artist name. I think you’ll notice the connection if you think about it. So give me a few weeks to get this site up and running and then please let me know what you think. I’ll also be inviting my Knitting ladies to participate and to book our knitting meetings here too. I’ll be posting our creations and we’ll be writing a knitting book together. So there’s lots to come and I hope that it’s interesting and inspiring !




About rhondabreen

I change daily and I find it difficult to tell you about me. I'm a mom and a woman, that doesn't change. I'm an artist, I hope that doesn't change, I'm a wife and so far that hasn't changed either, and I'm a scientist and that's forever because I'm too curious to be anything else. But you know, all this information still doesn't help me know much about me, and so it doesn't likely help you know much about me. I guess it's best to read my blog and maybe we'll figure it out together!! Have a peek.......

5 responses to “Do what you love

  1. amanda

    Hey Rhonda! You awesome girl! Can’t wait to read your stories and see your beautiful hand made stuff.
    Go and follow your dreams…you are inspirational. Good luck xx

  2. I am looking forward to following your blog. You are very articulate and creative so I am sure your efforts will be amazing. Love to you, Mom. xoxo

  3. Lesley

    Very cool and funny 🙂

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